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Dazzle Onyx

"Dazzle Onyx" a unique fine grain marble from Rajasthan which has the feel and translucency of an Onyx but strength of a marble. It is a very good option for flooring as well as wall cladding application. This discovery has created a buzz in domestic as well as foreign market in a short span of time. Its homogenous nature, extremely high gloss, warm cream color background goes well with all interior designs and matches extremely well with wooden furniture. It has a much better strength than imported counterparts like Bottocino, Diano, Perlato Sicilia and Crema Marfill. Due its beige colour background, good levels of production in the quarry, high processing standards in the factory and cost competitive pricing it is a highly suitable material for residential as well as commercial projects for real estate developers across India.

Product Application
Test Reports
S.No. Sample Mark Content (%)
SiO2 CaO MgO LOI Fe2O3 AI2O3
1. 8/2014-15/M/09 0.40 29.40 21.58 47.25 0.96 Traces
Test Name Test Method Value
Compressive Strength EN 1926 : 2006 88.44
Flexural Strength EN 12372 : 2006 16.21
Slip Resistance Value Dry Condition EN 14231 : 2003 75
Wet Condition EN 14231: 2003 58
Specular Gloss Angle 20° ASTM D523-08 48.96
Angle 60° ASTM D523-08 69.71
Angle 85° ASTM D523-08 90.38
Moh's Hardness CDOS/TP/23 Between 3 to 4
Abrasion Resistance EN 14157 : 2004 17.19
Rupture Energy EN 14158 : 2004 4.02
Water Absorption EN 13755 : 2008 0.04

TACTILITY (TEST METHOD - EN 12057: 2004, EN 12058: 2004)

No effect on surface due to mechanical finish such as detachment of spark / laths of minerals. Voids & Holes were not observed. Stone in suitable for all purpose.

VISUAL APPEARANCE (TEST METHOD - EN 12057: 2004, EN 1469: 2004)

Colour - Creamish White
Grains Size - Fine to Medium grained
Mineralogy - Rock is hard & compact in nature, fine to medium grained, equigranular, creamish white with brownish spotted in colour. It is mainly consist of calcite & dolomite with minor amount of ferromagnisum minerals and grains are cemented by calcarious material. The rock is metamorphosed identified as marble.

Note : All tests have been carried out at the specialised stone testing laboratmy at Centre for development of Stones (An autonomous organisation promoted by Government of Rajasthan and RIICO)
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